Friday, 14 November 2008

These Personalised Photo Calendars Will Be Very Very Popular... has just completed 12 printable 2008 - 2009 Personalised Photo Calendars.

These calendars are Microsoft Word documents. Once you've downloaded them, you can insert your own digital photo or any other picture you want. Make your own Personalised Calendars for 2009 and give them to your family as Christmas gifts. Laminate them, put them up and use them throughout the year.

Get you personalised calendars here...


Friday, 10 October 2008

Fun Printables

I´m SICK of driving to the store every two days to get cards or invitations. So I´m so HAPPY I´ve found a new site - Just look at what they´ve already added:
2008 - 2009 School Themed Calendars - 12 pages, one for each month, that you can download and print;
Halloween Coloring Pages - 9 pages for your little one to color in;
Little Boys Theme Party Invitations - 21 different customizable party invitations.
All the popular themes are there, including Little Girls Theme Party Invitations - 21 different customizable party invitations. Bratz, Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell & Hello Kitty - they are all there and more...
Please share this website with anyone you think could benefit from it ... just go here to Tell a Friend
...And did I mention that it´s FREE?

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